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What is Classifii?

facebook marketplace can be a scary place. Classifii connects you with approved local businesses where you can complete your transaction.
Keep your personal details personal. Using Classifii means not having to give out your address to strangers. Our approved partner businesses with handle the transaction and pay you when the deal is done.
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Stay safe.
Whether buying or selling, if you use facebook marketplace we're sure you've had an experience that made you think twice. Our mission is to make every deal safer and more convenient for everybody.

How Does It Work?

Get our Chrome Extension!

Classifii integrates seamlessly with facebook marketplace (in the browser) to keep you safe. Using the Classifii Chrome extension we connect you with approved businesses where you can complete your transaction all within the context of the facebook messenger window where you are already chatting with potential buyers and sellers.

Once we have created the transaction we let the seller know when to drop off their item, and the buyer know when the item is ready to be picked up. When the buyer has paid for their item we send an e-transfer payment to the seller.

Classifii transaction details page (beta).

How Does the Chrome extension work?

Add to Chrome. It's free!
Classifii magically adds a button to your facebook marketplace chats. Just message like you normally would. When you are ready to find a safe place to do your deal, click the button!
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After confirming the Agreed price, simply choose an approved Classifii partner where you will drop off your item. We let you see all the details you need to make your decision.
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Paste the invite we create into your chat window. This will guide the other party through the same steps. When they're all signed up we will let you know you can drop off your item.

What does it cost?

Our pricing model is simple. $3.00 plus 3%, and we never get paid until you do.

Give me the details.

Our pricing model is simple. $3.00 plus 3% of the agreed amount of the transaction. We simply subtract this amount from your payout. So, we never get paid until you do.

Forms of Payment.

For buyers. You can pay for your item at the Drop off centre with e-transfer or debit. After the beta we may add more payment options. Let us know what you'd like to see!

For sellers. You get payed by Interac e-transfer within 24 hours of your item being picked up.

Meet our beta Drop-Off Centres

Classifii approves each of our partners to ensure safety and convenience. Not only that, our Drop-Off Centres also offer additional services that buyers and sellers can take advantage of.

We're proud to be working with Most Wanted in Charlottetown, and Summerside for our beta launch. Do you have a place in your neighborhood that would make a great Drop-Off Centre? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Most Wanted Summerside
Most Wanted - Summerside
189 Water St, Summerside, PE C1N 1B2
Most Wanted Charlottetown
Most Wanted - Charlottetown
53 Allen Street, Charlottetown
We're on the lookout...
Suggest a location!

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