You have work tomorrow! Will they ever show up?

1. Confirm the price.

Let's start selling your item safely!

We connect you with local businesses where you can drop off your facebook marketplace items safely. You will never have to meet your buyers in person. We charge a small fee (that you can pass along to your buyer), and we never get paid until you do!

When the buyer has paid for the item, you can pick up your cash from the drop off location, or we can send you the money by etransfer. It's up to you!

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Step 1of 3 : Set the price.

Next, we will choose a business near you where you can drop off your item.

Do you want to change the price, or have the seller pay the fee? We can open a tab to your facebook marketplace item, so you can agree on a final price in your messenger chat.

Have you agreed on a different price with the buyer? If so enter it here.

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